Introduction to Croatian Art Project

This is not an art shop, web gallery, or just another pre­sen­ta­tion of art­works, but an offer for a Croa­t­ian Art Exhi­bi­tion orga­ni­za­tion which can be pre­sented in your area.

With these con­sol­i­date exhi­bi­tions at one place, which were cre­ated and installed by promi­nent Croa­t­ian Art his­to­ri­ans and cura­tors, we wish to present the idea, knowl­edge and a small part of our her­itage to wide audi­ence. Exhi­bi­tions are clas­si­fied accord­ing to the style period and theme of the exhi­bi­tion with a short dis­play of the muse­ums or gal­leries col­lec­tion. Each of the fea­tured Croa­t­ian Art exhi­bi­tions fol­lows a text with a brief descrip­tion of the themes and pho­tographs of exhib­ited artworks.

Croa­t­ian art, works that lasts more than two and a half mil­len­nia, with their qual­ity and diver­sity are com­pletely equally included in the his­tor­i­cal overview of Euro­pean cul­ture. Atten­tion to valu­able works of Croa­t­ian art is found in almost all peri­ods: whether the pre­his­toric era, through the late Roman influ­ence (one of the old­est sur­viv­ing works of such as the Sv. Donat in Zadar from the 9th cen­tury), or if the Romanesque period, when mon­u­men­tal cities were emerg­ing on the Adri­atic coast.
The most beau­ti­ful exam­ples of Gothic turn can be found in the reliefs at Radovan’s por­tal of Tro­gir cathe­dral of St. Lawrence. Gold spec­i­mens of the Renais­sance period are the Cathe­dral of St. James in Šibenik, work of Juraj Dal­ma­t­ian, but also the works of Croa­t­ian minia­tur­ist Julije Klović known as the Michelan­gelo of minia­tures. Dur­ing the Baroque period were made churches like Dubrovnik Cathe­dral and the Curch of St. Blaise, while the Croa­t­ian art revival was marked by the con­struc­tion of the Curch of St. Peter and Paul in Osi­jek and the Đakovo cathe­dral.
Real­is­tic paint­ing scenes were brought by Vjekoslav Karas and Celestin Medović and the spirit of the Impres­sion­ists was brought by Vlaho Buko­vac. Croa­t­ian art from 20th cen­tury was marked by the art­works of painters Ljubo Babić, Miroslav Kral­je­vić… sculp­tures of Ivan Mestro­vić, but also the works of archi­tects such as Ibler and Planić which are val­ued at Euro­pean level.

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